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Headed for divorce, Trina returns to the small town of her childhood to rebuild her life.

Trina is starting over after a painful separation from her husband of almost twenty years. Grief and loss force her to re-evaluate her life. The only thing she can think to do is to return to her hometown where she has to deal with all of the things she left behind; a hometown she hasn't visited since high school graduation.

When the police officer who lives next door comes knocking with questions about a tragedy from the past, Trina finds herself exploring the trauma of her childhood and facing the pain and stigma she's run from for so long.

As she faces a new season of life, Trina must learn how to navigate complex family relationships, new friendships and a return to the career she left behind to raise a family years earlier. In the process, she'll finally confront the ghosts of her past and upend a mystery that's haunted her adult life.

An emotional tale of life after loss and of finding yourself again in the place you'd least expect.

Don't miss this heartwarming story from the USA Today Bestselling Author of The Waratah Inn.

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What readers are saying:

"This book will make you laugh out loud at times and turn around and break your heart as you cry."

"It is amazing sometimes how a story comes about. This one swings along well. It unfolds along in a relaxed sort of way with a lot of interesting bits along the way."

Amazon Reviewer

"I can't get enough of Lilly's writing. This story had me wanting to keep listening non-stop until I finished it! It was well developed and full of adventure. Brigid Lohrey may just be my new favorite narrator! If you are on the fence about giving this a listen, let this be your gentle nudge.. DO IT!"

Audible Reviewer

"'Home Sweet Home' is a must read for anyone who loves an emotional story that will tug on one’s heartstrings and have the reader crying and laughing throughout."

-Victoria Zumbrum, InD'tale

"You’ll feel good when you read this story. You just can’t help it!"


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