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Inspired by the true story of an overlooked hero of World War II, Under a Sunburnt Sky is the unforgettable tale of one boy’s heroism when faced with evil and the unbreakable bonds of friendship.


When the Nazis invade Poland and round up the Jews to force them into a ghetto in Warsaw, Jan Kostański, a Polish Catholic teenager, doesn’t let the Nazi warnings of executions for those caught helping Jewish people stop him. With his neighbours now living in the ghetto, he joins a group of smugglers to take them food. And it isn’t long before he finds love in the dark shadows of the ghetto walls.


In Australia, a young man is faced with the prospect of impending war. The battle is a long way from home, but Billy Walker is determined to join the Allies, even if he has to sign up to the British RAF to do it. He leaves his family and the farm he’s set to inherit, to travel across the ocean to a distant land, and fight in a distant war against his parents’ wishes.


Both men will be irrevocably changed by the war. Both will discover a strength within they never knew they had in pushing themselves to the limit to fight an insidious and overwhelming enemy. And when they cross paths in an underground bunker, they’ll form a friendship that will never be broken.


A captivating story of heroism, love and friendship from a USA Today bestselling author. For fans of The NightingaleThe Things We Cannot Say and The Tattooist of Auschwitz.

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What readers are saying:

"With characters that are amazingly realistic, Lilly Mirren weaves together a story about World War II that many historical fiction enthusiasts wouldn’t want to miss out on."

InD'tale Magazine

“Everyone, truly everyone, should read this book.”

Amazon reviewer

“I highly recommend this historic story of one man's bravery.”

Amazon Reviewer

“An absolutely captivating story.”

Amazon Reviewer

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