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Three friends, one dead neighbour… and the little white lies that can tear a community apart.


Zoey lives in a suburban home by the beach, in a gated community where nothing ever happens. Her biggest frustration is getting her husband to pick up after the potty-training puppy. Until her whole life is thrown into chaos when a body appears in the garden next door.


Stella is new to town. She doesn’t want to get involved in the small-town drama. She’s a single mother with a secret and the last thing she needs is more scrutiny. Looking for answers in her own life, her search becomes inextricably intertwined with the investigation.


Fighting the demons of her past Toni finds herself in the midst of a second marriage breakdown at forty seven years of age. She struggles to keep depression at bay while doing her best to raise a wayward teenaged son and uncover the identity of the killer.


In this small town investigation, it's only a matter of time until friends and neighbours turn on each other.

From a USA Today bestselling author comes this witty, emotional and delightfully unexpected mystery that will leave you guessing. For fans of Liane Moriarty.

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What readers are saying:

"Loved the pathos, the multigenerational theme and excellent writing."


“I was blown away by this book!”

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"Reading it now. Housework on hold!"


“It was a riveting story and one I won't soon forget.”

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"I started reading it this morning and can't put it down.


"This book will remain in my memory forever!"

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"A beautiful triumphant story of love."