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A new series set in "Sunshine"

It's time for a new series. Well past time!

I have to apologise for a very slack writing year over the past twelve months. I was distracted by projects to do with my writing, but that didn't involve a lot of writing. And in the end much of it was like spinning my wheels, which has been frustrating. But there are a few things to update you on, which I will do after I first introduce my brand new series.

"The Sunshine Series" is on it's way with the first book, "The Sunshine Potluck Society" releasing on 11th June 2024.

This book is about a group of life long friends who hold a potluck brunch every month so they can catch up on each other's busy lives and stay in touch. They're all entering their sixties and going through a string of life changes, so their friendships become even more important to them than they've ever been before.

Sunshine is a fictional town on a very real island, Bribie Island. It's one of our favourite places to visit as it's not far from Brisbane. You can access it via a bridge over the Pumicestone Passage. And it has long, golden beaches, places you can go 4WDing on those beaches, quaint restaurants and a real community feel. We love it there.

Our heroines are: Joanna, a retired chef who now writes cookbooks and has an issue with agoraphobia; Gwen who is a stay-at-home mother turned grandmother, who finds herself taken advantage of by her very spoiled family, and a husband who doesn't appreciate her; Debbie, who has spent her life building her career and now is struggling with an apparently dead marriage, and finally Emily who is 23 years old and works as Joanna's live-in carer.

It's an electic bunch of women who are the very best of friends and who will be there for each other when things get tough. Which inevitably happens, of course. What would a good book be without drama? Gwen's husband comes home in a shirt smelling of a perfume she doesn't recognise; Debbie's husband is barely speaking to her; Joanna can't venture outside of her own home; and Emily is faced with her teenaged crush who returns from a stint in the military and doesn't even do her the curtesy of recognising her.

Through it all, they are there for each other, and they hold their potluck brunches, where delicious foods and friendly conversation are on the menu. Which gives Joanna an idea - why don't they write a cookbook together?

I hope you enjoy this read. It is more of a light-hearted story than most of my books. Just a sweet, heartwarming and happy read. I've tried to take on board the feedback I've received on my other book to write this series, so there are no cliffhangers and each book is a complete story with a happily ever after.

You can buy any of my books by visiting my Shopify store here: (speaking of things that distracted me from writing! This is one of them).

You can also now find all my historical fiction under the pen name, Bronwen Pratley ( And I have a brand new crime fiction pen name, Bronwen J Pratley ( if you're interested in reading thrillers (another distraction for me!).

However, I don't plan on being distracted any longer! This coming year (from this month!) I will be fully focused on delivering sweet women's fiction reads to you, and am hoping to release one per month for most of the next twelve months. We'll see if I can maintain that pace, I may not make it because I am planning a trip to the UK with my parents! I'm excited about this trip and will be posting updates and photographs of my adventures on my socials if you're interested. I will also be writing a book based on my travels when I return, so you'll get to read all about it.

Have a wonderful week. Don't forget to buy the new book, or ask your library to order it. You can access all of the links from my website.

Happy reading!

Lilly Mirren xo

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