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Under a Sunburnt Sky Now Selling

This new release is now selling on all major platforms. I'm so excited about this story. When I first learned about Janek Kostanski and his amazing heroism during the Second World War, I was so touched by his bravery in the face of so much danger and the way he and his family loved their Jewish neighbours so well, despite the threat of death that hung over their heads every step of the way.

It was surprising to discover that no one has ever told his story before now. It's a tale of adventure, love, hope, and good triumphing over evil. I love finding new stories that no one has ever heard woven into history, and this is one of those gems.

Janek's family, his mother and two sisters, lived with him in Old Town Warsaw before the war broke out. They were close to a Jewish family. The widower father of the Jewish family, lived with his son, daughter and extended relatives in a house across the courtyard from Janek's Catholic family.

When the Nazi's invaded Warsaw, they ordered all of the Jews into a ghetto, which was sealed by a wall that they built around the Jewish Quarter. That wall went directly through the courtyard that separated the two family's homes. The directive was that no one could cross the wall, or help the Jews, or else they'd be shot.

Jan and his mother, didn't follow that order. Over the next few years, Jan's mother found the supplies the family (and other Jews in the ghetto) would need, and Jan smuggled them over the wall.

This book is filled with far more danger, excitement, close calls and disaster than any entirely fictional story could, because it's based on the reality that these amazing people lived through. And in this case, reality truly is stranger, more exciting and more impossible to believe than fiction.

I hope you enjoy the true story of Janek Kostanski and the people he loved. He and his family ended up moving to Australia where they settled in Melbourne. His life ended Under a Sunburnt Sky, in a land of peace, hope and where they could all finally feel safe.

Grab your copy, settle down on the couch with a cup of coffee, and spend a few hours in 1940s Poland with me.

Warm regards,

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