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The Sunshine Series

The tiny fictional hamlet of Sunshine sits on the coast of Bribie Island. And it's where four friends, Joanna, Gwen, Debbie and Emily, all learn to lean on one another in friendships that last a life time.

Surf, sand, sunshine and romance intertwine in this hard to put down, heartwarming and page-turning series.

Welcome to Sunshine

Cook, laugh, love and go on adventures with four women whose friendship has lasted a lifetime, and whose journey is far from over.

What readers are saying:

"I loved every moment of this story. It's life after all, with its heartaches, work headaches and family dynamics..." - Marlene

"Ms. Mirren describes each character so vividly that they become the reader's friend also as we cheer them on. "The Sunshine Potluck Society" is a tender-hearted clean read about friendship, loyalty, love, heartaches, and so much more! A true delight, and I highly recommend this book!" - Gail


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