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Sunshine Reservations

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Sunshine Reservations


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An old bed and breakfast by the beach and a restaurant that was burned to the ground, give Gwen an opportunity to start afresh after divorce.

Emily and Aaron are dating, and she’s finally figured out which direction to take her life. She’s studying at university for the first time, and she’s moved out of Joanna’s house and into a dorm room. But independence is harder than she imagined it would be.

Joanna learns that an empty house can lonely. But a friendly neighbour might be just what the doctor ordered, to help fight off the blues. And a new project will give her the boost she needs to keep moving forward. Then she welcomes an unexpected guest into her life who will shake everything up in the most delightful way.

Gwen is learning to cope with her marriage breakdown and the string of girlfriends her estranged husband brings into his life. She’s navigating their messy divorce while enjoying her new beachside lifestyle as a single woman. When she spies a rundown old inn for sale, attached to the restaurant that Joanna and her husband used to own, it gives her an idea.

Debbie is doing her best to bring more balance into her life, after decades of being a workaholic. She wants to heal her marriage, and she’s found that a part-time schedule with less stress, works best. That is until a disaster at the office throws more work than she can manage her way, and she finds herself back on the corporate hamster wheel instead of winding down towards retirement. If she’s not careful, the entire business, everything she’s spent her life building, may come crashing down around her.

The ladies wrote a cookbook, and now it’s published and is doing well, but the publisher seems intent on only highlighting Joanna’s contributions, which causes some tension between the friends. Can their decades together help them work through the conflict, or will they be torn apart over their fifteen minutes of fame?

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