The USA Today Bestselling author of the Waratah Inn series, Lilly Mirren, proves there’s no place like Emerald Cove for the holidays.

Adele Flannigan has moved home to the Cove, and this will be her first Christmas since the move. She’s always had big dreams, but things in her life have become more complicated and she’s not sure where to go next. With each passing day, Adele’s relationship with a new friend deepens, forcing her to take a long, hard look at her priorities and plans.

Cindy’s hosting Christmas, but the Flannigan family has changed in recent years and she’s nervous about how things will go. There’s been a divorce, new members added, stray dogs adopted, heartbreak, romance and even a brand new bouncing baby. Christmas at Cindy’s has the potential to be a delightful family feast, or to set off fireworks that could ruin the entire holiday.

Can this blended family learn to love one another during the Christmas season or will their family be torn apart?

A Merry Christmas may be just what the doctor ordered for the residents Emerald Cove.

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