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She says that she’s his daughter. Could the shocking claim be true?

Beatrice is speechless. It’s something she never expected — a secret daughter. She and Aiden have only just renewed their romance, after decades apart, and he never mentioned a child. Did he know she existed?

Their budding relationship may not survive a scandal this big.

Penny’s brother comes back into her life along with her high school nemesis, his best friend. There’s one rule her brother has always held his friends to — no dating his sister. But she’s an adult now, does the rule still stand?

Plus the friend has information about the photos that were found hidden inside the cottage walls. However, his revelation may uncover more questions than answers.

Taya’s coming to terms with the new competition in town, an upscale resort built by her very own father. It could mean the end for the Blue Shoal Inn.

Then Beatrice’s ex-husband comes back into the picture and throws a spanner into the works with a shocking announcement.

The Coral Island series is full of family drama, friendship, sweet romance, second chances and mystery. This is the second book in an ongoing series and ends on a cliff hanger. Be sure to read book 1, The Island, before starting this one.

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