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Eveleigh’s Books is a staple on the island and has been for years, but a newcomer to the island might bring the shop’s downfall.

Evie’s book club friends are the people in the world she relies on most. But when one of the newer members finds herself confronted with her past, the rest of the club will do what they can to help, endangering the existence of the bookshop without realising it.

When Charmaine’s past comes calling, she reverts to her old way of living — running and hiding. She’s not used to having friends. But on Coral Island, everyone is a friend. And this time Charmaine will find that being part of a close knit community is the one thing that will save her.

Penny and Rowan are newlyweds, but their new lifestyle comes with challenges neither one of them is used to facing. Can their marriage withstand the tension or will it be over before it’s really begun?

Dani brings her boyfriend home to the island to meet her family, but he’s not the sort of son-in-law Beatrice ever imagined she’d have. Will she be able to welcome and accept this stranger into her family, or will she inadvertently push her daughter away?

The Coral Island series is full of family drama, sweet romance, renewal, mystery, and friendship. This is the fifth book in the series and ends on a cliff hanger. Be sure to read books 1-4,before starting this one.

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