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Beyond the Crushing Waves
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No Place Like Home
Now Available
An Emerald Cove Christmas
Releases 30th November
Chalet on Cliffside Drive
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Under a Sunburnt Sky
Releases 14th June
Bungalow on Pelican Way
Now Available

Featured Books


Beyond the Crushing Waves

Two generations from one family face heartbreak and injustice in this poignant and emotional novel inspired by true events.

Married to her dream man, and with a baby on the way, Dr Mia Sato’s life is in perfect order.


When her beloved grandmother has a fall, the photograph clutched in her hand prompts Mia to ask questions her grandmother isn’t willing to answer. Then she cries out a confession that rocks Mia to her core and leads her to make a shocking discovery of a past filled with lies, broken families and forced child migration.


Mary Roberts is a poor gutter child living in a council house in 1950’s London. When she and her sister are given away to an orphanage by their mother, they could hardly imagine the turn their lives were about to take.


Harry Evans is an orphan who finds himself with Mary and her sister on a ship bound for Australia. To a farm for children, where abuse and neglect are rife. A journey that will change their lives forever, and from which they’ll never return.


Based on one of Britain most secret and shameful real-life scandals in which over 100,000 British children were forcibly deported to Canada, South Africa, and Australia over several decades. Lilly Mirren’s heartbreaking, captivating and ultimately uplifting tale reminds us that no matter where the journey leads us, our hearts will always find their way home to those we love.