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Bungalow on Pelican Way Book Cover
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Chalet on Cliffside Drive Book Cover
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No Place Like Home Book Cover
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Releases: 1st December

Featured Books

Bungalow on Pelican Way Book Cover

Bungalow on Pelican Way

The dramatic continuation of the Emerald Cove saga from a USA Today Bestselling Author.

Moving to the Cove gave Rebecca De Vries a place to hide from her abusive ex. Now that he’s in jail, she can get back to living her life as a police officer in her adopted hometown working alongside her intractable but very attractive boss, Franklin.

When Franklin’s ex-fiancee comes back to town it will disrupt everything developing between the two of them.

Cindy’s ex-husband has returned to the Cove as well, along with the woman he left her for. And it isn’t long before his presence disrupts Cindy’s burgeoning relationship with the town doctor, his former best friend. A face-off with the girlfriend throws Cindy into a tailspin, but in the end she’ll have to make a decision about what, or who, is more important to her.

Meg and Brad get some good news, but with his paraplegia they’ll learn once again that nothing is as easy now as they’d hoped it would be.